Oh Baby!

oh baby!

We are blessed to announce we are expecting our first baby! This is something we’ve wanted for awhile and we are overjoyed. There has been many prayers, tears and lessons in patience this past year and we can’t wait to meet our baby early February.

This also explains my online absence. Thank you for your patience and making visits to Melissa Creates even while I’ve been away. These past few months I’ve became bff’s with saltine crackers, Netflix and all things ginger. High five to the ginger gum creator!

I’ll be sharing updates from time to time on the blog, but make sure to be following me on Instagram for more!

A special thank you to Kori for creating this custom illustration of our little family. She’s the best!

Gluten Free Chocolate Almond Cake with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

gluten free chocolate almond cake with buttercream frosting

Remember how I said you should indulge those cravings and allow yourself a little treat? Ta-da! Here’s a gluten free cake recipe you’ll totally want to try! You can stick to your healthy and clean eating I chatted about last week while still enjoying a little slice of this deliciousness.

I’m a HUGE fan of gluten free treats. A treat without all that discomfort, score! This cake was super easy to make and with the chocolate chips and almond slice topping it’s pretty to look at too. I sampled the batter then sampled the frosting and thought they were so so, but when the two combined… oh. my. gosh. Chocolate with a hint almond is my new favorite.

The cake tastes like a killer brownie. I almost called this gluten free chocolate almond cake the gluten free killer brownie cake. Grab the recipe below and treat yourself! Continue reading

Healthy Gluten Free Living and Lifeway Foods

This shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser #KefirCreations. All opinions are mine alone.

healthy veggies and fruit

The beginning of this year I made the transition to a gluten free life after a doctor’s visit confirmed a gluten intolerance. I’m still working hard on maintaining a healthy life but I have struggles as many do. With my schedule I have many lunch dates, coffee dates and a variety of social outings. It can be challenging to make sure I stay on the healthy and gluten free train when I have a week filled with meetings and events. I must say, cutting out gluten from my diet has made me feel like a million bucks!

So what foods and treats do I have? I recently discovered Lifeway Foods and more specifically the Lifeway Kefir Lowfat Cultured Milk Smoothies. I’m a HUGE fan of fruit, veggies and smoothies so I’ll be making more Lifeway purchases. I do allow myself a not so healthy treat here and there. The gluten free train is one many have jumped on lately so fortunately there are many gluten free bakeries and food products available. The real questions is how can I make food adjustments when it comes to my many outings?  Continue reading

Melissa Creates is Totally Lovin’…

melissa creates is totally lovin

Bloggers tend to take a little time off from the normal routine during the summer months. Vacations, the kids being home, mini getaways and outdoor activities are all part of the summer routine that we all love and why we might not be around as frequently. For me personally I lack a little inspiration during the summer months. Fall and winter entertaining are my favorite.

Here are some ladies who are not lacking inspiration this summer:

The coral and Kelly green office makeover by Oleander and Palm is filled with inspiration! Giving a little facelift to pieces of furniture can brighten an entire space.

Producing stunning food photography is just what A Sweet Spot Home does. My friends talents are remarkable and I get excited each time she shows off another photographed food session.

I love me a good wine and cheese party and this garden party by Giggles Galore is perfect! It’s simple, filled with the right amount of treats and looks so inviting.

I’m Famous on My Blog Coffee Mug and Fresh Flowers

I'm Famous ON My Blog Coffee Mug with Fresh Flowers Happy weekend! I’m trying to tackle my to-do list after a day of house cleaning and movie watching. You know, normal weekend actives.  I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful weekend with a little time outdoors. Later today I’ll be whipping up one of my fave cakes and making it gluten free! Stay tuned for pics and the recipe, friends.

I’m totally smitten by this photo taken by Jessica of Pen N’ Paper Flowers. She’s also a Florida gal and her support for local gals and their business is so gracious. I have a handful of ladies who love the I’m Famous on My Blog coffee mug but they aren’t coffee drinkers. Jessica created a stunning fresh flower display with the I’m Famous mug. Perfect office decor, right? So for my non coffee and non tea sipping friends, enjoy one of the Shop Melissa Creates mugs with fresh flowers!

Pink & Orange Patio Party and Melon Ball Skewers

DIY melon and party pics

I am so excited to be sharing photos from my latest styled photo shoot! Summer entertaining is one of my faves and a bold pink & orange backyard party is something I’ve been wanting to try my hand at for some time. I teamed up with Melinda, Sarah and Carmen for a simple patio party display that’s sure to inspire a gathering or two.

How cute are these tiny balloons by The Flair Exchange?

summer patio party with the ladies

Continue reading