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27 August 2018

How to handle your rental equipment?


If you run a equipment rental company, it should be your top priority to Reduce downtime of your gear. You want to let it out as much as you can, for as long as possible. However, to make this possible, you want to be sure your equipment is in tip-top form and that it is properly managed to ensure that it continues to work spectacularly.
We've got these easy tips from equipment rental companies columbus, ohio that will assist you handle your rental equipment.
Handle your risk, get insured
The truth of the matter is this: your clients are the biggest risk. As Much as you want them to flip up and rent your equipment, they're also very capable of breaking something or losing your gear: your main asset.
Regular Maintenance is key
This is probably a No-brainer, but also a fantastic reminder. You need to make sure that your equipment is fixed as soon as you notice something is not working right. It's also important to keep the overall look of your equipment. That is, after all, something your customers are also paying.
Make Sure That Your rental
Spend some time communicating to Your client the terms and conditions of renting your equipment.
Inform them who to contact in case your equipment is faulty or when something else goes wrong
Which are the penalties involved if something is lost or damaged?
When should they return your gear?
Use the right management tool
You should also purchase a gear leasing management instrument That will help to maintain track what happens, for how long, with that, when, and If it is expected to go back.