Outdoor Movie Party

Who’s game for an outdoor movie party?  It’s a little hot outside here in Florida but I still love the idea.  Hosting a movie party for the block, friends & family, or even a way to wrap up the summer before the kiddos return to school sounds grand.  So, today I’m sharing some ways to be the hostess with the mostess, decor ideas, and how to coordinate your movie & food.

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The most important part- Hostess with the Mostess

Everyone was to be a great host and have a successful event, right?  Create a plan of action while being considerate of your guests is where to start.  Always consider food allergies and preferences.  When it comes to picking the movie keep your guests in mind too, we all have views on specific topics so don’t go with something that could offend someone or be inappropriate for children.  Keeping with guest consideration, favors & thank you’s go a long way.  Favors don’t have to be costly and could even be handmade, it’s TRULY the thought that counts.  My last word of hostess advice is to try to chillax, key word – try.  I know it’s hard for many of us to keep cool and enjoy ourselves when trying to make sure everything is running smoothly but attempt to enjoy it.  Once the food has been served it’s your turn to enjoy the movie too!  After all, it is your party.

The fun part- Decor

Yay, my favorite party of any event!  This is the time to try your hand at those Pinterest projects and be creative.  A great project idea for a movie party would be a “Welcome to the show” or a “Movie Night” sign.  A great way to greet your guests while getting your “craft fix” in.  This theme doesn’t call for elaborate decor, simpleness goes a long way.  Construct a movie screen using supplies such as a PVC pipe from a home good store or simply use a drop cloth as your screen, as seen on Babble.  I love the use of jars, especially at outdoor events.  Place candles in mason jars for a night time glow, fill apothecary jars with popcorn and sweets, or even display torn movie tickets in small jars for that extra touch.  Keep your eyes open for sale items!  Recently Target had plastic popcorn labeled containers in their $1 spot!  How cute would those containers be filled with flowers!?!

The guests favorite part- Snacks & Sweets

Hello popcorn!  One of my favorite snacks and movie MUST, (I’ve been known to make popcorn and soda a meal).  I like simple yet cute, brown paper lunch bags rolled down slightly and overflowing with popcorn fits simple and cute perfectly!  Add your favorite sweets to popcorn bags or create a popcorn bar, as seen on Project Wedding, because we all love food bars and salty & sweet treats.  With the summer heat still upon us, serve frozen drinks or set up an eye catching display of drinks on ice.  Consider food labels or signs that go with your movie theme.  Two years ago I hosted an Eclipse DVD party and my friends didn’t mind “Taking A Bite” out of my cupcakes or my “Team Edward” cookies.  Fruit kabobs would be a great snack idea too, we have to balance those unhealthy snacks with good ones too… or do we?

Get ready to host one kick-butt movie party!

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  1. Carrie, A Sweet Spot: Home

    July 25, 2012 at 12:38 pm

    I have always wanted to host an outdoor movie party, and these tips are super helpful!


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