Breakfast at Tiffany’s Bridal Shower {Party Feature}

  I’m excited to now be featuring parties, events, guest bloggers, & projects!

When Nichole of Life as a Newlywed heard of my exciting news she sent me over this adorable Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed bridal shower.   I love the pearl details she added!

Party details as told by Nichole:
I was the MOH for my sister’s wedding this past November. Since I was married seven months before her, I wanted to give her a spectacular shower since we’d done mine not too long before. Two things I know my sister loves are brunch and Audrey Hepburn. I wasn’t planning on a real themed shower until I started to think more about it. But then I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s one night (for the hundredth time) and knew we had to do it!

We kept the theme a secret from the bride to be and told her only to wear her best “little black dress”. We asked all other guests to also wear their LBD or at the very least, a black top. We served brunch on a Sunday with a mimosa bar, as well as a make your own frapp bar.

We decorated the tables with black or white tablecloths and then damask or blue runners. We sprinkled “diamonds” on the tables and leftover pearls for decoration and I found very cheap bling frames for pics of Audrey/Holly Golightly that we put around the room, as well.

Each guest received a string of “pearls” (read:fake white beads) as they entered and if they said the the bride’s name, groom’s name OR the word wedding, they lost their pearls (similar to the safety pin game at showers but a little more themed). We also had a trivia game with Tiffany blue and damask as well as a “pin the badge on the officer” game since my sister was marrying a police officer. That last game seemed non traditional but was so much fun and everyone had a blast! We did buy a sleep mask like in the film to use as the blindfold though!

Blogger Brunch {Outfitted}

Meli, our fashion contributor, is back sharing some fun inspiration!

I’ve had a few conversations that go a little like this:
Random Person: “So how did you meet your Melissa friend?”
Me: “Um…I have a blog and we meet via Twitter. We quickly became friends as we realized how much we both love Paramore and Twilight.”
Random Person: “So you meet her over the internet. Interesting.”
Silence and a very awkward pause.
Me: “Yeah, something like that.”

This has happened a few times already. Every time is as awkward as the last. I do get a kick out of watching their reaction to how I meet some of my friends.

But I don’t let that get to me and always enjoy whenever I can meet with fellow bloggers – and the best part is that we all dress up for the occasion! So here is a little outfit inspired by Bloggers who like to meet other Bloggers. ;)

1. Rose Blouse
2. Color Block Purse
3. Escapade Floral Pocket Skirt
4. Nine West Gillyan Heels

Blush & Jelly

St. Louis & A Famous Recipe

Carrie of A Sweet Spot:Home is sharing a touch of her hometown and a famous St Louis recipe that looks delish!

One of my favorite parts about reading blogs is getting to learn a little bit about the people who write them, because you often get to learn about the places they live. As someone who loves to travel, this is always interesting information!

THIS is my hometown! I’ve lived near St. Louis my entire life and while it may not be one of the biggest cities in the country, it’s always been home to me. We’re famous for lots of things, but my favorite thing that’s a St. Louis original has to be Gooey Butter Cake. I’ve always been told that it actually began as a happy accident, and luckily, the baker discovered it was actually really good. I’m not sure if this is true or an old legend, but it’s a cool story, so I’m choosing to believe it!

I’ve found some fun versions of Gooey Butter Cake online, you should definitely consider giving one of these a try!

{Original St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake from Smitten Kitchen}

{TWIX Gooey Butter Cake from Gingerbread Bagels}

{Double Chocolate Gooey Butter Cake from Paula Deen}

I hope you’ll give one of these recipes a try in your own home…or consider visiting my fine city and trying some for yourself!

{image source}

Breaking Dawn Photo Shoot {Behind the Scenes}

{This post is a little late…}

Several months ago I created a photo shoot I had been dreaming of!  I wanted to share a few behind the scenes because the photographer makes everything look wonderful (she is so very talented) and at times I can be a ‘hot mess’.  So today, I’m keeping things real.

Not a secret I’m a little bit of a Twilight fan so having the opportunity to work with such AMAZING and talented ladies was a humble experience.  I honestly couldn’t have done this without Sandy, Firefly Confections, she came to my rescue with every concern and freak out moment I had before the photo shoot day.

Janelle of Janelle’s Photography is the amazingness behind the photos.  You would have never known that we were in bug infested woods with large spiders while insects bite our legs.  The model had no issues climbing into a tree or laying on a bed of plants with tons of bugs, she was fantastic!

I had the help of my husband and step father, THANK goodness there were guys in the mix to carry the large antique table into the woods!  I kept them working with helping me set up candles in the tree and asking them 100 times over if everything looked good.

 In these photos you can see me placing items and trying to figure out what looked best…  if you look closely you might see a slight panic face and me asking myself ‘does this look right’?  I can’t be alone with these slight freak out moments and being a details perfectionist.

Bug bites and creepy spiders and all this was so worth it!  Thanks a million times to Firefly Confections, Uptown Girl Designs, Blush & Jelly, and Janelle’s Photography.

New favorite makeup products

I’m not a big makeup gal but eye makeup is something I don’t usually skip over.  Depending on the occasion I go with some basic browns and shimmer to highlight my green eyes or a more smokey look for events and those nights out and about.  I gave the Almay i-color kits a try and don’t think I’ll be buying anything else from this point on!  The color palette is perfect for my eye color and I love the shimmer.  I also fell for Mayelline’s stiletto mascara.  I’m blessed to have long lashes but I also couldn’t survive without my eye lash curler.  What girl doesn’t love some great eye makeup?  What are your favorites?  Do you try to compliment your eye color?