Chic Sponsor Love- Eye Candy Event Details

  I love me some Eye Candy Event Details and I adore the lovely face behind the company.  I’m fortunate to call Laura a friend and I’m happy to share some more info about her and her fab company.

 Chic Sponsor Q&A

What is the name of your business andwhat services/product do you provide?
Eye candy event details
My shop contains a little bit ofeverything graphic! Whether it be party printables, invites for a wedding,custom décor for an event or logo design. I am in the process of expanding toinclude more services that I have been trained in & have the experiencewith: custom illustrations, art prints, more graphic services: ad layouts, businesscard design & blog makeovers. Plus a few more surprises up my sleeve!
Tell us a little about yourself. Howdid you get started with your business?

I went to college in L.A. &studied Fashion Design with a minor in Fashion Illustration for a year but thentransferred to a Graphic Design school in Santa Monica to focus on design,illustrating & painting. I LOVED it . . .always have. I have always beenthe ‘party planner’ in my circle of family & friends, so when I gotre-married in 2010 & DIY’d our whole wedding myself, everyone startedpushing me to do it as a PAYING job. It worked out well, as I had been doing PTfreelance work for a few years since being laid off from my previous job ashead graphic designer at a major retail company when they decided to close up& move out of state. So I decided to give it a shot “online”, opened myshop & see what happened &   . . herewe are! LOVING my life & my “job. I feel like you can hardly call it workwhen you are doing something you LOVE!

What are your “favorites”?

Things ILOVE! My family. “Girls day” with 8 yr. old daughter. Quality time with hubby. MUSIC!!!!Iced coffee. Cake stands. Real FRIENDS. The color Pink. Pier 1 Imports.Daisies. Circles & dots. Painting. Fall. Blue nail polish. Mustangs. Red{favorite color}. Makeup. Boots. Winter hats. Flip flops. Ice Cream. Crafts.Headbands. BIG rings. Black clothing. Peach Iced Tea. Damask print. Mexicanfood. Colored pens. Guitar Hero. Surf t-shirts. Notebooks. IKEA. Hoop earrings.Wrapping presents. Reading.

Where does your inspiration come from?
Myinspiration comes mostly from constantly researching trends whether it be inbooks, magazines, online, blogs, etc. I also like “shopping” in stores & Imay find a piece of fabric or a color or a décor item & it turns into thiswhole string of ideas for a party or shoot. I like to take my inspiration piece& run with it. My daughter is a HUGE inspiration to me as well & wehave great discussions about ideas & directions to go in. She may only be8, but she has a great head on her shoulders & is pretty smart. I got herinvolved in my business at an early age because my dream is to have a businessalong side of her one day when she is old enough to handle it. Would be a blast& a dream come true!

Where to find Eye Candy Event Details:

Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

The other day I was spending some much needed time on pinterest and discovered the most amazing cupcake.
 {Well maybe there is a tie with the butterbeer cupcakes and this one}
I have a slight addiction to Starbucks and I look forward to Pumpkin Spice every year.  I’m that person in line the day it is released and getting my fix weekly.  This cupcake recipe is a must. try.

Head over to Not So Simple Housewife for this amazing recipe & more photos!

The Quatrefoil Trend

{My sweet friend, Carrie is back sharing another fab trend- Quatrefoil.}
I’ve been thinking about quatrefoil a lot lately. If you’re unfamiliar with quatrefoil, it’s a design that can be found in design, architecture, and now even in jewelry and sweet treats! In its most basic form, quatrefoil is a design shape that includes four petals, and when put together in a large group, creates quite an impact on your wall or on your furniture. Check out some great quatrefoil designs I recently found on Pinterest!
I’m currently working on stenciling the wall above my shower in my master bathroom with a quatrefoil pattern, so you can imagine how pleased I was when I came across these examples of stenciled walls. Stencils aren’t just about stamping little flowers or houses onto a wall anymore, like I remember from my childhood. There are some incredible stencils out there now…what a great way to add interest to a wall without having to hang wallpaper!
Just look at these amazing quatrefoil backsplashes! I’ve been longing for a subway tile backsplash, but these are making me rethink my decision

Quatrefoil also looks amazing on painted furniture!

And now, to finish with something sweet….what an adorable cookie! It looks like a lot of work, but it’s darling!

For more quatrefoil inspiration, please visit my “Quatrefoil Craziness” board on Pinterest!


Outfitted Under $75: Casual Date

{More inspiration from our Fashion Contributing Writer, Meli}
I think a casual date is an important outing whether you are single, dating, engaged, married (with or without children) because it’s a great reminder of how special your guy/lady is to you.
The Hubs and I always enjoy going out on a little casual date – we dress up nicely, I put on make up, he busts out the nice shoes and we have some fun!
Casual dates can vary from dinner, movie, mini-golf, festivals, to tons of other fun activities you and your special someone enjoy. So why not look cute? ;)